Ducati Diavel V4 Decat Exhaust System!

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Ducati Multistrada V4 Decat Link Pipe!

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    Exhaust Systems

    At BHP UK our philosophy has always been to add performance and it has never changed.  Performance is front and centre, everything else is secondary to that.  We will never put form before function.   This philosophy is what led us to launching our exhaust systems.  The exhaust system is absolutely crucial for good power output.  Bike manufacturers have to meet strict emissions and noise regulations so they have no choice but to compromise performance.  This leaves huge scope for performance tuning to achieve more power. However it’s not as simple as welding some bigger bore tubing to bypass the catalytic convertor.  We simply got a little tired of customers bringing their bike to us to set up when the systems they had fitted did nothing to improve power output, in many cases the exhausts they had fitted actually retarded performance.  It seems that some aftermarket exhausts are nothing more than a pipe from the head to a small straight through end can. While these make lots of noise, they don’t necessarily make any more power. 

    Maintaining our philosophy means we want a system that optimises volumetric efficiency throughout the rev range without robbing bottom end power to make a few ponies just before redline. We also want a system that compliments the look of the bike, doesn’t drone or sound awful at cruising speeds. 

    What really sets our systems apart is that they are tested on the flow bench as well as on the dyno.  They are designed to go hand in hand with our ECU tuning to get the best possible result.  There are no design compromises in the hardware that make it impossible for the ECU software to work optimally.  No longer are our map writers fighting an uphill battle to overcome bad hardware designs. 

    Our exhaust systems work in synergy with our remapping to deliver a homogeneous tuning package without compromise.

    Watch this space more systems coming very soon.