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Our ECU flasher allows you to upload our bespoke written remap files to your motorcycle.  The ECU Flasher has the added benefit of allowing you to switch between the original and modified files.

All you need is a Windows PC/Laptop! 

Price includes 1 bespoke remap for your bike and it's modifications. Should you need more than one file writing, there will be an additional charge. 

Please note that the device is locked to 1 Flasher per motorbike. 

The process is very simple

1, Download the interface software onto your PC

2, Connect the ECU Flasher to your PC and update the ECU Flasher

3, Read the ECU from your bike& send the file to us

4, Receive the modified file and upload to your bike

You can see how simple the device is to use on our YouTube Channel.

If you have any more questions feel free to call: 01282 779000